Big data. The value of information. Corporations, organizations and government agencies are all analyzing the proliferation of data that has become available in recent years to improve efficiency, support investigative work and generate more revenue. And as the volumes of data have grown, so too has the debate surrounding the acquisition and analysis of this information.

West LegalEdcenter is hosting a webcast on Thursday, Sept. 19 at 12:30 p.m. ET that will feature experts discussing the wealth of information around intelligence collection by the NSA. The webcast, The NSA Disclosures: What Do We Really Know Now?, will help make sense of what has become public and will look at the interaction of the intelligence community, the law, the judiciary and Congress.

The speakers will be: Benjamin Wittes, senior fellow and research director in public law, The Brookings Institution, Washington D.C.; Shane Harris, national security correspondent, Foreign Policy Magazine; and Steven G. Bradbury, partner, Dechert LLP and former head of Department of Justice OLC.

You can register for the webcast here.

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