A highlight of last week’s VANTAGE 2019 Worldwide Conference, which brought together more than 1,200 Thomson Reuters Elite customers, partners and employees in San Diego, was a session on 3E in the Cloud.

Ruby Lee and Jerid Dupier from Elite’s product management team and Elite lead architect Mark Gendein shared the implementation approach and roadmap for 3E in the Cloud.

The session kicked off with Dupier explaining “why cloud” and why more and more law firms are moving to cloud-based solutions. He said more customers are asking for a 3E cloud-based option since it enables them to address their firms’ specific needs in ways that best fit their circumstances.

Dupier highlighted four advantages of 3E in the Cloud:

  • Infrastructure: Elite deploys and manages it with backup from Microsoft Azure. Not only does this free up a firm’s IT staff to manage other areas, it significantly decreases infrastructure costs by eliminating a firm’s investment in hardware, software and the ongoing maintenance required for an on-premises solution.
  • Software. Using a cloud solution ensures that firms are on the most current version of the software and benefiting from the newest features, enhancements and fixes; Elite handles the installation, upgrades and “hot fixes.” Also, flexible server space can be adapted to accommodate peaks in activity to prevent performance issues and system downtime.
  • Implementation. Elite’s cloud methodology includes a standardized and streamlined implementation, which reduces costs and gets firms live faster by eliminating the need for the purchase and setup of physical hardware.
  • Security. Dupier and Gendein both noted the Microsoft Azure security supporting 3E is unparalleled. Azure offers physical and digital protection as well as encryption of client information.

Lee emphasized the “functional parity” of the software and code; they are the same whether firms use 3E on-premises or cloud solution. As new enhancements and modules are released, the goal is for them to be available for both on-premises and cloud solutions. Lee also showed the roadmap which included the addition of more product modules, integrations and expanded configurations to the offering.

Lee and Dupier also noted customers can configure the products in their 3E in the Cloud portfolios – by making changes to settings rather than by writing code – to meet their specific requirements. Configuration allows for more efficient and faster implementation, saving customers time and money, while enabling Elite to properly scale it for many customers.

To hear from 3E cloud early adopters or for more details, go to http://www.elite.com/3e/3ecloud.

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