Pressures are increasing for legal IT professionals to increase productivity and reduce costs. Couple that with the demand for anytime and anywhere access to law firm data and the result is a multi-front push for cloud based solutions. At the forefront of this struggle are core functions of a firm like content management, collaboration, search, eDiscovery and records management. At ILTA 2014, HP Autonomy explored with a holistic approach the fundamental factors for unlocking the power of the Cloud.


The three primary factors that drive Cloud have a genesis with the new portrait of today’s attorney. Neil Araujo of HP mentioned that fully 50 percent of practicing attorneys in middle to large law firms are 35 years of age and younger currently. That ushers in a new attorney mindset bent on technology. These individuals are mobile and connected; and so the panel identified “The New Attorney” as the first driver for Cloud adoption. The second factor illustrated dealt with “The New Economy.” Cloud can assist with finding new ways to deliver efficiency and cost savings. The last factor mentioned was “The New Client.” Clients are now expecting more for less and desire data in a more rapid, easy, and secure platform.


Shawn Misquitta of HP Autonomy cited several major product bets across the industry going forward. Misquitta said, “A consistent, intuitive user experience is of the utmost importance.” This will lead to clean, clear user interfaces that will display and function well on any device. The Cloud will be a Hybrid Cloud consisting of both On-Prem and Private Cloud. This delivers a secure accessible platform that allows for firm governance of data and processes more easily.


Ultimately the panel stated that while there is no simple Cloud solution, there is no question Cloud is here to stay. The economies of scale, flexibility, scalability, and mobility all make it a rich solution, provided it is implemented and planned carefully.    


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