Thomson Reuters has released the 11th edition of Black’s Law Dictionary. With each edition, new words are added that reflect current day legal matters and new uses of legal language. The 11th edition has more than 3,500 new terms including twocking, doxing, car hacking, contempt of cop, flash rob, kakistocracy, mugshot extortion, porch pirate, skeuomorph and synthetic identity theft.

Think you can make a poem out of these? We’re hosting a poetry slam!

Tweet us a poem that includes one or more of those new legal terms in the BLD 11th edition. Remember to include the hashtag #BLDpoetrycontest and tag @LegalCurrent. Eligible new terms and definitions can be found here. The winner will receive an engraved Deluxe version of the 11th edition. Entries must be received by Friday, August 9.

Whether it’s a sonnet, ode to love, haiku, iambic pentameter or free verse, let your inner poet fly!

For full details of the contest, see the official rules.

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