A team from University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School has won the Thomson Reuters Legal Design Challenge.

Thomson Reuters recently challenged some bright, tech-forward students to develop ideas for the next generation of legal technology products. Students from five different law schools worked in an intensive one-day event to develop proposals to expand the capabilities of Thomson Reuters Practice Point in areas such as user interface design, integration and ways to create, aggregate and deliver content.

The University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School team won based on their demonstration of innovative thinking, creativity and technical expertise.  The team received a five thousand dollar prize.  The runner-up team from Duke University School of Law received a three-thousand dollar prize.

Other participating teams were Suffolk University Law School, Brooklyn Law School and Legal RnD at Michigan State University College of Law.

Thomson Reuters partnered with the law schools and Evolve Law, an organization focused on helping accelerate the adoption of new ideas and technologies in the legal profession.

The Legal Design Challenge now moves on a second, even more exciting stage.  Five participants will participate in a six-month engagement as design advisors with Thomson Reuters to provide input on future product development.  The law students who will serve as design advisors are: Lilie Rogowoski, Brooklyn Law School; Sean Valle,  Duke University School of Law; Erin Steward, University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School; Anthony M. Davis, Suffolk University Law School, and Gary Gonzalez, Legal RnD at Michigan State University College of Law.

Thomson Reuters is excited to tap into the creative energy of the students to see what fresh, innovative thinking they will bring to legal technology design.

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