Cloud computing is quickly becoming the new normal for businesses everywhere, offering optimal security results, financial savings, flexibility and efficiency, all with less overhead. A secure cloud environment provides a valuable foundation that can support collaboration tools, so enterprises can take advantage of a wide range of technology to support its needs. The cloud also reduces IT complexity by equipping enterprises with more flexible skillsets and offering a wide range of expertise across a variety of functions.

When collaboration between IT and business strategies align, the whole organization improves. But because such collaboration brings many instances of interconnectivity, it is more critical than ever that the business has a strategy to protect itself from cyber security threats and events.

Often times, massive amounts of data are now being transmitted at too high of a velocity to allow traditional security measures to adequately prevent risk. With collaboration and big data at the core of the cloud revolution, it has become crucial that enterprises invest in cloud technology that ensures the upmost data integrity while supporting business as usual. The ideal cloud solution should provide the most robust security framework possible while also being highly customizable to meet business objectives.

A cloud provider should continually invest in data science to maximize its threat intelligence and identify important big data patterns, while also conforming to changing compliance regulations. CenturyLink, for instance, recently began a relationship with Thomson Reuters Elite to help its ProLaw® clients integrate with the CenturyLink Cloud platform. Now, CenturyLink’s security policies and procedures are woven into the ProLaw Cloud, providing a reliable data network and scalable cloud services to accelerate business performance.

When looking for a cloud infrastructure, a business should deeply consider the extent to which collaboration is part of its threat detection posture. VANTAGE attendees can learn more at the “Cyber Security: The Ultimate Collaboration” session on Thursday, June 8.


This was written by Tim Kelleher, vice president of IT Security Services at CenturyLink.

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