Transforming Women’s Leadership in the Law has been honored with the Gold Stevie® Award as the “Website or Blog of the Year”. The Stevie Awards for Women in Business are given to female entrepreneurs, executives, employees, and the organizations they run in recognition of business achievement.

The Transforming Women’s Leadership in the Law program aims to address the structural barriers and challenges resulting in the underrepresentation of women at senior levels within the legal profession. The program began in the U.S. and Canada — and was expanded in 2018 to cover the UK and Ireland.

The content on the Transforming Women’s Leadership in the Law websites aims to reposition the conversation away from merely what ‘women can do’ and put greater onus on organizations, law firms and the wider legal industry. The sites share information for leaders in the legal profession to truly drive change — through a series of events, articles, interviews, videos, podcasts and white papers.

In addition, Checkpoint Catalyst received a bronze Stevie Award for Best New Product, and Anne-Lise Dorry, leader of the all-female editorial team that created Checkpoint Catalyst, was awarded a gold Stevie Award for Female Employee of the Year.  Checkpoint Catalyst is the next generation of online research products that gives practical insight and expertise on accounting topics that are complex, undergoing changes or challenging to apply.

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