Trevor Faure has seen more than his share of the transformation of legal services, as former general counsel and leader of Legal Services at EY Global, and before that, at organizations including Apple, Dell and Tyco International at times when they were undergoing dramatic, and often difficult changes. 

“Smarter Law: Transforming Busy Lawyers Into Business Leaders”, Faure’s newest book from Thomson Reuters, tackles legal performance improvement from an insider’s perspective, using proven methods, data and case studies for practical application to improve legal services.

Smarter Law uses a broad range of techniques from Emotional Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence, from soft skills to hard data. The result is a unique approach to transform individual personal skillsets, drive major performance improvements in both corporate legal departments and law firms, and as a result, bring about new, mutually-profitable client-law firm relationships. Smarter Law spans “left brain” approaches (logic, big data, Agile, Design, econometrics) and “right brain” influences (change resistance, neuro-linguistic programming, game theory, even Stoic philosophy). It is modern behavioral economics in the “Freakonomics” and Malcolm Gladwell mold

More information on Smarter Law can be found at: Smarter Law: Transforming Busy Lawyers into Business Leaders and

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