Statistics, analytics and metrics – or whatever you’re calling them this month – are the catalyst to understanding where you have been, what adjustments may be needed and where you need to go. Everyone has seen a professional athlete grab a tablet or photos the moment they come off the field to review the last series of plays and adjust their game plan as necessary. Many areas of business operations do the same and so should the legal department.

Now as soon as Serengeti Tracker users log-on, their new dashboard delivers actionable data they value most with an enhanced and easy-to-use interface. Tracker affords users the ability to customize the dashboard to place key metrics front-and-center, enabling users to have a deeper understanding of key performance indicators and determine where and if action is needed.

Tracker Dashboard with data

“The latest functionality of Tracker better equips legal departments to work the way they want to work, while also empowering them to gain more from their daily activities,” said Dan Bodnar, director of product management for Serengeti.

Tracker Dashboard

In addition to updating and enhancing the dashboard, Tracker can interface with Microsoft® Outlook® – a new feature that makes it easy to copy emails and attachments into Tracker matters directly from the reading pane, eliminating the need to drag-and-drop or switch between applications.

Tracker also has introduced integration with Microsoft AzureTM Active Directory, enabling legal departments to utilize Single Sign On with existing corporate identities. This additional feature offers more control over company user identities, including the ability to provide, monitor and deactivate user access to Tracker.

To see how clients benefit from Tracker, read the latest client success stories for Harsco Corporation and SunPower Corporation.  And to learn more about Tracker, visit

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