I have one word to describe LegalTech 2011 and that’s wow! Being that this was my first Legal Tech experience, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d heard from some of my colleagues who are long-time LegalTech attendees how great the panel discussions are, how the tradeshow floor is always a buzz and how there’s more people to meet with then there are breakfasts, lunches and dinners in a week. But all of this I never really understood until I experienced it for myself.

Now being back in Minnesota, blogging from the office instead of my hotel room, I’ve had a few minutes to reflect on the incredible whirlwind that was the past three days. In 72 hours I managed to attend several sessions, meet dozens of great people and take home a business card stack that is about one inch thick.

Being new to my role as Legal Current’s managing editor, I think that LegalTech was my official induction into the tight-knit legal media family. And I’m delighted to say that I was welcomed with open arms.

So to officially wrap-up our coverage of the conference, I’m going to leave you with my top 11 musings from Legal Tech 2011.

11. Having an iPad was a fantastic conversation starter. I had many great conversations with people when they asked me what the conference wi-fi password was.

10. Utilizing software and technology to the fullest can take the “chore” out of many legal processes.

9. The elevators at the Hilton can be pretty precarious. Just ask Allison Guidette, Vice President and General Manager of our Litigation business who bonded with her elevator mates when she got stuck on the ride down from her hotel room.

8. Many new billing models aren’t new and were used by law firms before the billable hour became popular. It’s like leg warmers in the 80’s, everyone used to wear them and now they are coming back in style.

7. Andy Adkins, president of the Legal Technology Institute is easy to spot in a crowd because of his awesome cowboy hat.

6.  Protection of confidential client info is key. Lawyers will continue to use new technology like smart phones and tablets and it’s a top priority for law firm CIO’s to ensure that all of this data is 100 percent secure.

5. The ballroom is on level 3 and the tradeshow floor is on level 2. It only took me a day and a half to get that one straight.

4. SharePoint is just the platform; it’s what you build on it and where you go from there that really matters.

3. LegalTech mobile app is my new best friend.

2. Law firms are shifting their focus to operating more like a business selling legal knowledge.

1. It’s all about efficiency. Period.

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