In the spirit of my Top 11 of LegalTech 2011 post from earlier this year, I’m continuing the tradition with a list of key takeaways from my very first ILTA conference. Which by the way was an absolutely fantastic experience!

11. Even if I had a map of the Gaylord Opryland tattooed on my forehead, I still would get lost. Most. Massive. Hotel. Ever.

10. The ITLA conference mobile app became my new best friend. Selecting sessions to add to the “my agenda” tab was way easier than lugging around a marked-up program guide.

9. Doing more with less is not sustainable. Instead, law firms need to be looking at how to do things differently.

8. At LegalTech, having an iPad was a great conversation starter but at ILTA I noticed that NOT having an iPad was what sparked many conversations. I overheard iPad-less people countless times remarking on how they seemed to be the only one not tapping away on a tablet.

7. Consumerization of technology is upon us. Due to such high demand, many law firms are now providing stipends for attorneys to purchase their own mobile and tablet devices.

6. One of my favorite quotes of the week, it’s from Janet Day, IT director at Berwin Leighton Paisner: “What is the only thing men compete to have smaller? Their mobile phone.”

5. Law firms have never faced more competition for work. It’s now estimated that the average corporate legal department puts out 7 RFPs per year, generating around 15 responses to each.

4. Some of the nicest people in the world live in Nashville, TN. From the shuttle bus drivers, to the airport workers, everyone is always telling y’all to have a nice day. And they don’t call it the Music City for nothing; there’s live music everywhere. Even at the airport!

3. The law firm business model is changing. It is now almost impractical to be good at everything and instead firms need to focus on what they are exceptional at, grow that area, and consider outsourcing the rest.

2. One sure way to get people to stop by your booth in the vendor hall: serve Jack and Coke in a mason jar.

1. No one is quite sure what Law2020 will bring, but one thing is certain, more change is on the horizon.

If you missed out on any of our coverage of the show, make sure to check out the plethora of posts on the blog. Also, there was a ton of great conversation on Twitter, just search the hashtag #ILTA2011.

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