Any profession has their own set of challenges, and for many lawyers, tracking and accounting for their time ranks at the top of the list.

The task of tracking all that lawyers do, who they do the work for and how long it takes can be very time- consuming and distract them from their legal practice.

“It’s almost like you need to “set mouse traps” says Norm Mullock from IntApp, a partner company of Elite.

There is a strong desire among law firms to automate the time-tracking process as much as possible. In the town hall session on tracking lawyer time, Norm talked about how imperative it is to understand how lawyers are spending their time in order to become more efficient and improve handling of AFA-affected matters.

IntApp’s product, Time Builder, automatically captures phone, email, document, calendar and web activity,  making time reporting more fully automated into either online or paper diaries, which helps lawyers find overlooked matter-related activity and more accurately bill their time.

The town hall session was engaging and informative – fleshing out the challenges law firms face in getting their lawyers to consistently and accurately record their billable and non-billable hours.

Products like Time Builder can certainly help. And as Norm asked in the session, just imagine what your firm could do if you had a better understanding of how your lawyers spent their time?

Watch a video recap below and learn more about IntApp and how law firms are using Time Builder to drive firm-wide time recording improvement initiatives.

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