Amid a recent Reuters report that Facebook has suspended fake accounts looking to sow discord ahead of the upcoming November election, and as revelations that 12 Russian intelligence officials interfered with the 2016 election cycle continue to make shockwaves, concerns about cyber security and the integrity of online systems, and the functions they support, are front of mind for many. But are organizations taking cyber attacks seriously?

According to Tim Murphy, president of Thomson Reuters Special Services and former deputy director of the FBI, the answer is “no.”

Murphy is among a host of security leaders who shared their views with the Knowledge @ Wharton network for a piece titled, “Can Anything Stop Cyber Attacks?

Among the sobering insights shared in the report, Murphy shares his own eye-opening experience of working at his desk at the FBI in 2008 and realizing their unclassified network was being attacked. Now some 10 years later, Murphy’s assessment of the current state of cyber security is sobering.

“I want people to be scared, I want the government to be scared, and I want the private sector to be scared, because I don’t think we are scared enough,” he said. “And by scared I don’t mean fearful; I mean scared into taking some action.”

Read the full article here, and more on Murphy, click here.




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