Thomson Reuters is enhancing Westlaw with the addition of Litigation Analytics for Companies, providing advanced capabilities to efficiently search and analyze litigation trends by company or industry. Litigation Analytics on Westlaw Precision and Westlaw Edge already provides docket analytics – drawn from federal and state courts – on judges, courts, damages, attorneys, law firms, and case types.

With the debut of Litigation Analytics for Companies, Legal Current explores how firms can leverage it to better use data and analytics to build litigation strategies and drive business development.

  1. Improve business-development efforts. Business-development professionals within law firms can identify the litigation needs of existing and prospective clients, and use Litigation Analytics for Companies to find new clients that match the firm’s expertise and locations. Litigation Analytics for Companies data shows which outside counsel companies have engaged in the past, allowing a law firm to identify likely competitors for a potential client’s business. 
  2. Better manage law firm operations. Litigation Analytics for Companies data can help identify trends in practice areas and courts to inform growth areas for the firm. Data can also be used to find lateral hires, enabling firms to staff practice areas aligned with growth opportunities.
  3. Strengthen litigation strategies. Litigation Analytics for Companies provides detailed data that enables firms to review the tactics of opposing parties. Firms can leverage it to identify and expand opportunities with existing clients by understanding their litigation history as well as other outside counsel they have used. And litigators can develop case strategies by analyzing an opposing party’s litigation history, including the motions typically filed, arguments previously made, and the outcomes of cases.

Westlaw Precision and Westlaw Edge customers with subscriptions to Monitor Suite will automatically receive Litigation Analytics for Companies. Read the press release for details on how Monitor Suite content and tools are being integrated into Litigation Analytics on Westlaw.

Visit Litigation Analytics for Companies to learn more.

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