Thomson Reuters has introduced the WestlawNext AndroidTM and PlayBookTM app. The mobile app will work on both Android tablets and smartphones, extending the capabilities of legal professionals and giving them mobile access to the preferred legal research service to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

“The release of the WestlawNext Android app is the latest in our effort to accommodate the rapidly evolving mobile workflow of legal professionals,” said Dinyar Mehta, director of New Product Development at Thomson Reuters, who recently shared some advantages the new app provides.


Features that can be leveraged through the app include the ability to: search all core content with WestSearchTM, the world’s most advanced legal search engine; use KeyCite® to confirm whether your cases and statutes are still good law; read and email documents; add notes to documents; and access and add documents to your folders.

The app, which will work on devices using Android OS version 2.2 or higher, is streamlined for optimal viewing and provides users with all the content and functionality needed while on the go. Now, wherever and however WestlawNext is accessed, research is automatically synchronized, allowing work to begin in one place and continue on any device.

The app can be downloaded at Appstore for Android or Google Play, as well as for PlayBook at BlackBerry App WorldTM.

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