Thomson Reuters continues to help customers be more productive, efficient and current with its new Thomson Reuters Westlaw iPhone® mobile app and several powerful new features to Westlaw.

While Westlaw users have long had access to a device-customized mobile site, the Westlaw iPhone® app was built specifically for the Westlaw current awareness experience. The app enables users to stay up-to-date with Westlaw alerts, docket updates, the ability to track companies and follow practice area developments.

“The Westlaw iPhone® app was created as an additional resource to the traditional Westlaw desktop experience and its award-winning iPad® app,” said Erik Lindberg, senior director of Westlaw Product Management for Thomson Reuters. “As our customers guided us in developing this mobile app and its focus on current awareness, they reiterated the value of having accurate and current information at their fingertips. The Westlaw iPhone® app gives them the reassurance their information is accurate and up-to-date for their clients, and provides another resource to our customers for the information they require where and when they need it.”

Additionally, the app allows users to search Westlaw content, view negative treatment, view documents, access and save documents to folders and sync across platforms – in this case with their desktop and iPad® app. Westlaw alerts and customizable notifications also can be created and received through the app.

Westlaw Enhancements

Thomson Reuters Westlaw, the industry-leading legal research solution, also has added multiple enhancements to get to the right answer more efficiently.

According to Lindberg, these enhancements demonstrate a continued commitment to help customers by investing in Westlaw. “The goal with this latest suite of features and tools is to work intelligently in the background to help customers complete tasks much more quickly and to provide more confidence that their work is complete,” Lindberg said. “These new tools are available to all users and will assist in rounding out research and improving collaboration.”

New enhancements include:

  • Research Recommendations identifies legal-issue patterns in a customer’s research session. The feature leverages Thomson Reuters editorial tools and common usage patterns to recommend additional relevant documents and Key Numbers.
  • Westlaw Answers provides a quick answer to certain common legal questions and provides links to underlying court decisions.
  • Snapshots delivers summary information on legal professionals, such as judges, attorneys or experts, as well as companies and select popular statutes.
  • Folder Analysis analyzes the cases in your folder to identify the legal issues present and recommends additional cases for those issues.
  • Shared Notes enables easy collaboration with colleagues through sharing notes on documents.
  • Research Report creates a professional report summarizing research on Westlaw. The report displays all annotations, including shared notes, and features a table of contents with links for easy navigation. The report can be emailed, printed, downloaded or shared via Dropbox.

To learn more about these enhancements and Thomson Reuters Westlaw, click here.

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