In the video clip below, Jill Roisum, senior director of product development, discusses Thomson Reuters’ new current awareness offering, WestlawNext Practitioner Insights, and why it is important to attorneys.

Legal current awareness is important to attorneys for three main reasons, according to Roisum. Attorneys need to be well-informed in order to track what’s going on with their existing customers; attorneys need to stay current on the general practice of law; and attorneys also need to look for new business development opportunities. Practitioner Insights, available in February on WestlawNext, really pulls together all sources of information to help accomplish these three tasks and centralizes them into one main spot. six new Practitioner Insights pages will be launched: Antitrust, Bankruptcy, Employment, Health, Intellectual Property and Securities.

“We have multiple sources of providers who are feeding us information,” says Roisum. “We have a partnership with CCH to provide us with daily information on litigation, legislation and regulatory events, which will all be served up on the Practitioner Insights page. We also just signed a deal with Congressional Quarterly Roll Call to provide in-depth Washington analysis, and we have our own Westlaw attorney editors writing content. Those three sources, together with the news provided by Reuters, really make us a one-stop shop that enables attorneys to stay current on anything that is relevant to their practice area.”

In addition, the new alerting capabilities on Practitioner Insights surpasses anything that is available currently in the marketplace, according to Roisum. This is relevant to attorneys because they can pick the format, frequency and location of the information they are receiving.

And for the first time, Practitioner Insights will serve up trending information on what other attorneys are looking at and what are they clicking on within WestlawNext. This trending information could potentially be applied to multiple different platforms and solutions that we offer in the future, says Roisum.

Watch the full video clip below.

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