With the launch of the Thomson Reuters 2011 Top 100 Global InnovatorSM program, Thomson Reuters has recognized the companies and institutions that lead the world in innovation activity.

The 100 global innovator companies are geographically dispersed, with representation from the U.S., Asia, and Europe. The methodology for choosing the global innovators is based on four principle criteria: patent approval success rate, global reach of patent portfolio, patent influence in terms of citations and overall patent volume.

David Brown, president of the IP Solutions business of Thomson Reuters defines innovation as “a means of growth and prosperity for companies and nations seeking to overcome sluggish economies and achieve competitive advantage.”

The launch of the program has received much deserved attention from various media sources around the country, including the EconomistThe New York Times, and USA Today, to name just a few.

To learn more about the program, tune in to the podcast below where we speak with Bob Stembridge, Intellectual Property analyst at Thomson Reuters to learn more about the program.

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