Working with our customers ahead of launching Thomson Reuters Legal Home, we knew it needed to be easy to use as well as provide a single point of access to the information and tools necessary to streamline their work. Legal Home delivered on that mandate by bringing together key integrations, including HighQ, Practical Law, Westlaw, iManage and Microsoft 365, to provide legal professionals a detailed view into their workflow and matters.

Below is a look at how Legal Home saves users time and streamlines their daily workflows.

Easier access to applications, current awareness, links and search tools

  • Legal professionals use multiple applications during their workday, and the Application Library saves time spent navigating and signing in to each one. The Application Library surfaces the Thomson Reuters and third-party apps an individual user has accessed most recently and uses single sign-on technology to seamlessly jump directly to the selected application. More than 20 Thomson Reuters and third-party apps currently are integrated into Legal Home with more added quarterly.
  • Practical Law Legal Updates keep legal professionals up to date on news affecting their practice. Users can tailor what they see by setting their jurisdictions and practice areas to ensure that updates are relevant to their work. Once they set up their preferences, users get tailored news on Legal Home whenever Practical Law Legal editors write a relevant update.
  • Legal Home surfaces users’ most frequently used applications, and the My Links section allows users to add links to their frequently visited websites, such as local court rules or a client’s website, further personalizing the view and consolidating important resources in a single place. These links function like bookmarks but have the added convenience of being available in any browser or device where you use Legal Home.
  • Legal professionals spend much of their day searching for documents or pieces of information and don’t always know which repository to search. Legal Home Search simplifies the hunt by enabling users to search across HighQ sites, Practical Law content and Microsoft 365 documents with a single search, surfacing the relevant document or bit of information they need.

Visibility into workflows and matters

  • Legal professionals often spend much of their day in collaborative activities. Access to HighQ sites from Legal Home allows users to navigate between collaboration sites without logging into multiple HighQ instances. This is especially valuable for corporate legal professionals who work in their own HighQ sites as well as their outside counsel’s sites. Legal Home displays users’ five most recently accessed sites, and users can filter and show sites they have favorited in HighQ, allowing them to jump right into the HighQ site they need for the task at hand.
  • The HighQ Recent Activity display helps users stay up to date on their workflows by showing recent activity across all of their collaboration sites. From the tile, a user can click directly into an activity of interest or use filters to find the most relevant activities.

Integration with the best in the legal ecosystem

  • We know Thomson Reuters applications aren’t the only ones legal professionals turn to on a regular basis, which is why Legal Home integrates with other key technology providers in the legal ecosystem. Microsoft 365 was at the top of our customers’ list for desired integrations based on the amount of time legal professionals spend in Microsoft products on any given day. Legal Home gives users one-click access to their recently used Microsoft documents or documents that have been shared with them. Integration with Outlook Calendar surfaces a seven-day calendar view directly in Legal Home and provides one-click access to join scheduled Microsoft Teams.

Continual improvement is key to ensuring that Legal Home meets the needs of legal professionals. We have a robust pipeline of ideas and are continuously adding new features. Watch Legal Current for details on newly released integrations, including iManage and My Research, and more new features coming soon on Legal Home.

Learn more and see how Legal Home can make it easier to access the information and tools you need today.

This guest post was written by Sarah Stremcha, senior product manager for Thomson Reuters.


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