Thomson Reuters Legal Home is a free, integrated digital workspace that brings together key information along with solutions and services in one place, delivering a seamless connection to legal professionals’ necessary resources. Designed with input from our customers and built to help increase their productivity, Legal Home has been well received in the market.

We are continually seeking customers’ suggestions for functionality and striving to make Legal Home even more valuable in their day-to-day work.

Priorities for the second half of 2021 include integrations with additional Thomson Reuters products including Legal Tracker and 3E to enable simple access from Legal Home into these applications. Additionally, a deeper integration will display users’ Action Items from Tracker in Legal Home, keeping users up to date on what needs their attention. Improving the search experience and deploying Legal Home to new markets are also in the works.

We also are considering the strategic direction for Legal Home, and we are thinking big about things like:

  • How do we bring Legal Home to meet our customers where they are working? Are there pieces of Legal Home that would be valuable to bring into other Thomson Reuters or other third-party product experiences? Legal Home was built as a stand-alone site, but integration with the tools customers are already working in – or strategically placing select pieces of functionality in other Thomson Reuters products – could drive even more value.
  • How do we tailor Legal Home to our customers and the work they perform? The day-to-day work for a mid-level associate is much different than that of a GC or managing partner. Tailoring Legal Home to their daily responsibilities could improve productivity by providing easier access to the information and tools relevant to their work.
  • Additionally, as we continue to add ideas to the white board, we are incorporating feedback and insights from our customers to ensure Legal Home meets their needs and improves their productivity, at the same time exploring options that stretch capabilities.

We are thankful to our customers for accompanying us on this journey from the beginning, and for guiding us as we continue to enhance Legal Home. We are just as excited about the possibilities as you are, and we invite you to share your feedback.

Learn more and see how Legal Home continues to add new features and integrations making it easier for you to access the information and tools you need.

This guest post was written by Sarah Stremcha, senior product manager for Thomson Reuters.

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