There is a new starting point for your legal work – Thomson Reuters Legal Home.

Legal Home is a free, integrated digital workspace that brings together key information along with solutions and services in one place, delivering a seamless connection to legal professionals’ necessary resources.

Legal Home was borne of our deep understanding of our customers and how we could help them. They are under ever-increasing pressure from their clients to be more efficient, deliver high-quality service and expert work, and they are looking to technology solutions to increase their productivity. The landscape of legal technology solutions is vast and fragmented, often making it hard for our customers to know what they need or where to start.

In talking with customers about their needs, a senior associate at a law firm asked for “a decluttered workspace that gives a contextual view of the work being performed in the moment.” A partner at a law firm said, “Give me a system where I can see the information, data that is relevant to me so I don’t spend time skimming through junk info.”

Those conversations, and many more, led us to build a new team to work to answer these questions:

  • How do we build a unified home with a simplified user experience for legal professionals?
  • How do we create a streamlined experience that addresses the fragmented state of legal tech?
  • How do we address user specific pain points?

Codesign workshops brought together the Thomson Reuters Legal Technology Innovation team and user experience experts with customers.

We brought together our Legal Technology Innovation team, user experience experts and our customers in multiple codesign workshops. We discussed and identified places where technology solves problems for legal professionals as well as gaps it creates. We talked with numerous legal technology providers about how we could work together to solve various challenges.

Then, with our customers, we brainstormed how we might address those gaps and challenges and refined those solutions into the initial set of features that comprise Legal Home, initially launched in November 2020. Since launch, we continue discussions with our customers and are continually adding new features that benefit our customers.

With a simple point of access to the information and tools needed to navigate their work, Legal Home brings together key integrations, including HighQ, Practical Law and Microsoft 365, to provide legal professionals a detailed view into their workflow and matters.

Learn more and see how Legal Home can help streamline your day. It is available to Thomson Reuters customers in the U.S., UK, and Canada, and will soon be available in Australia and New Zealand.

This guest post was written by Sarah Stremcha, senior product manager for Thomson Reuters.

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