Thomson Reuters has launched two new versions of CLEAR, its powerful public and proprietary records search product suite: CLEAR for Enhanced Due Diligence and CLEAR for Government Fraud.

CLEAR for Enhanced Due Diligence is a comprehensive solution for customers in anti-money laundering enhanced due diligence and corporate security markets that brings together key information on people and businesses, reveals material associations between businesses and individuals, and illuminates potential risks, all in one place.

CLEAR for Government Fraud offers users access to a database of unmatched depth and breadth which pulls together multiple layers of information that government procurement officers and investigators rely on when evaluating vendors and other potential business partners as well as investigating fraudulent entities after the fraud has occurred. The data available in this product includes general business data, negative news, and key information about businesses and company family trees.

View the announcement for CLEAR for Enhanced Due DiligenceĀ here, and for CLEAR for Government FraudĀ here.

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