Thomson Reuters eDiscovery Point™ is set to transform the market with a faster and easier-to-use platform. eDiscovery Point gives legal professionals unprecedented control from processing through production. The new platform combines Thomson Reuters robust power, security and service excellence with cutting-edge technology.

“Our recent survey of the market found that 9 out of 10 legal professionals in this space felt there was room for improvement with their current solutions,” said Eric Laughlin, managing director of Legal Managed Services for Thomson Reuters. “They want access to ediscovery technology that is more intuitive, faster and more powerful. We reimagined the ediscovery process with eDiscovery Point, building a new platform from the ground up, incorporating feedback from our design partner firms and insights from our in-house managed review team, who have reviewed more than 125 million documents in just the past two years. The result is a tool that lawyers can walk up to and use, with the speed, accuracy and reliability you expect from Thomson Reuters.”

eDiscovery Point enables clients to upload and process documents in minutes. Users can leverage the data-assessment tool and predictive coding to find, organize and focus quickly and cost effectively on the most relevant documents. Powerful and accurate search using Westlaw search syntax provides quick, accurate results, regardless of data size or the number of concurrent users. The interface also will enable users to  reduce onboarding and review time through condensed steps and contextual menus that guide users through the process.

eDiscovery Point was designed, tested and refined based on input from Design Partner firms, including Paul Hastings LLP; Chaffetz Lindsey LLP; Kolesar & Leatham and Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C. These firms not only provided insight on their needs and current processes, but also had direct input into the design of the platform and rigorously tested the product.

According to Tom Barnett, special counsel, eDiscovery and Data Science at Paul Hastings, there was a strong need for someone to rethink the approach to reviewing documents, the technology platforms used and the database structure. “Thomson Reuters has designed an end-to-end approach with eDiscovery Point, eliminating the need for multiple tools that may or may not work together, making the process smoother and error free. State-of-the-art technology allows users to get information faster, so they have more time to do what they should be doing: analyzing the case, developing the facts and making decisions.”

eDiscovery Point is designed to save clients money with a simplified pricing model that is based only on the data clients have in review. There are no user fees, no extra charges for analytics, no production fees, and no limits on processing. The web-based HTML5 application, compatible with PC or Mac® and supporting all modern browsers, eliminates the need for software or plug-in installations. And with reliable encryption, secure OnePass sign-in with two factor authentication, and Thomson Reuters powerful infrastructure and dual site redundancy, data is always accessible, confidential and secure.

“Our clients are looking for us to turn traditional approaches to ediscovery technology upside down so they can load and process data more quickly, get accurate search results in seconds, and code and redact documents with a single click,” said James Jarvis, vice president, Product and Partner Management at Thomson Reuters. “With eDiscovery Point, we are focused on making the core activities more efficient and simpler so lawyers can get to the answers and the best outcome for their clients quickly and cost effectively.”

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