Legal professionals are under more pressure than ever to produce quality results efficiently. Now, UK practitioners can use next-generation legal research tools to help.

Thomson Reuters is introducing Westlaw Edge UK. Built upon the foundation of more than 200 years of legal content and developed in partnership with customers, Westlaw Edge UK delivers features that allow users to stay ahead of regulatory change and navigate the legal divergence with the EU.

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“Westlaw Edge UK is a standalone legal research service for firms or organisations that are looking to use innovative features, technology and superior content to improve their efficiency, identify deeper insights and stay ahead of regulatory change,” said Lucinda Case, head of Legal Professionals Europe at Thomson Reuters. “Westlaw Edge UK is the most significant innovation we’ve made to legal research in the UK since 2007.”

7 Harrington Street Chambers barrister Tim Kenward said, “This will transform legal research. Rather than having to trawl through a list of cases, the interactive analytics enable the lawyer to locate and marshal cases with great efficiency, both saving time and providing the material for a better end product.”

Westlaw Edge UK features include:

  • Case Analytics: Transform case research through data visualisation, classifying, digesting and summarising each judgment and law report, along with Westlaw UK’s treatment flags and links to legislation, journals and texts.
  • Westlaw Questions: Find commonly asked questions and succinct results with key paragraphs highlighted, based on content curated by Thomson Reuters editorial teams.
  • Legislation Compare: Easily compare versions of historical, current and prospective legislation across UK, English, Welsh, Northern Ireland and Scottish jurisdictions with the key differences marked.
  • UK-EU Divergence Tracker: Side-by-side comparisons of how EU & UK legislation diverges and deviates (available September 2020)
  • Legislation Alerts: Sends notifications of changes to legislation allowing users to anticipate the likely impact of legislative change.

Visit Westlaw Edge UK to learn more.

Westlaw Edge UK – Case Analytics

Westlaw Edge UK – UK-EU Divergence

Westlaw Edge UK – Legislation Alerts

Westlaw Edge UK – Westlaw Answers

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