Thomson Reuters today unveiled Practice Point – an innovative solution that delivers the most relevant content and tools for a given task or legal issue. It leverages key content, expertise and technology from Practical Law and Westlaw in an entirely new manner through task-based organization and editor-selected content.

Practice Point was developed with the help of extensive research and feedback from practicing attorneys and in-house counsel. It is specifically designed for attorneys whose practice primarily involves advising, negotiating, drafting legal documents, and ensuring that business dealings comply with relevant statutes and regulations.

Practice Point is uniquely organized with menus arranged by practice area, task or project, to make it easier for attorneys to find exactly what they need. Its task-based organization draws content from the best of Westlaw and Practical Law, specifically selected by expert attorney-editors. This ensures the most relevant information is most prominent, giving users the confidence that they are getting the most complete and relevant information for every task.

To learn more about Practice Point, click here.

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