Thomson Reuters has integrated Legal Tracker, the most widely used software system for managing e-billing and matter management for corporate legal departments, with HighQ, a sophisticated collaboration and workflow tool designed to streamline legal operations.

The integration of Legal Tracker with the document management capabilities in HighQ helps in-house teams increase productivity with enhanced tools for work product collaboration. With HighQ document management, legal departments can securely store and search documents and emails, control and compare versions, view audit history, and access documents offline without having to leave standard productivity tools.

“Managing documents is core for every legal department, and by connecting work-product collaboration tools with matter management capabilities, our customers can work more efficiently and productively,” said Chris Maguire, general manager, Corporate Legal Software, Compliance and Risk for Thomson Reuters. “This integration fosters a collaborative and connected legal environment that aids in the shift to remote work, empowering our customers to deliver value to their organizations whether they are working from their downtown office or from home.”

Key benefits of the integration of Legal Tracker with HighQ document management include:

  • Legal Tracker matter connection – simply navigate between Tracker matters and HighQ document folders
  • Document mark-up and version comparison – compare new versions and identify changes faster than track changes
  • Document collaboration and productivity – work more efficiently on documents and related tasks that surround drafting, approval and execution workflows
  • Secure file and document sharingsecurely access and work on documents at any time, from any place and across any device with any outside party
  • Productivity application integrations – create and edit files in G SuiteTM productivity and collaboration tools and Office 365TM, manage emails and attachments, and simply synchronize documents

G Suite is a trademark of Google Inc. Office 365 is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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