Thomson Reuters HighQ, which recently unveiled its latest version, allows users to easily build dynamic templates without programming to quickly automate and update even the most complex legal documents. This enables law firms to reduce the time and associated risk of manual document drafting with efficient, responsive and consistent client service. And legal departments can capitalize on the templates to streamline their internal processes and reduce risk.

As part of the new version, Contract Express has been natively integrated within HighQ and will power HighQ’s Document Automation. The integration of Contract Express brings its dynamic questionnaire and intelligent document assembly engine into the powerful capabilities of HighQ to establish workflows, collaborate, co-author and utilize new data-visualization capabilities. The Contract Express templates can now be associated with HighQ sites and accessed seamlessly to generate the needed documents. HighQ’s workflow engine also can be used to generate documents from templates using data from an iSheet record.

Most importantly, using this technology keeps attorneys focused on the highest-value aspects of their work. By combining document automation with document management, electronic signatures, workflow and other HighQ features, virtually any document-creation process can be streamlined while providing a value-add service to clients.

Deliver work faster

“Contract Express integration with Thomson Reuters HighQ is a game changer with the improvements to workflow that enable more dynamic solutions without the need for custom development,” said Andrew Medeiros, director of Innovation Solutions at Troutman Pepper.

All this leads to quicker turnaround times, fewer mistakes, stronger compliance oversight, streamlined workflows and differentiated client service. On-demand document assembly empowers any member of a legal team to generate fully drafted and branded legal documents by filling out an online form.

Firms can take further advantage through the collection of data in the document automation process to analyze trends, interrogate deal specifics and support due diligence — and easily visualize it in easy-to-read dashboards. Beyond document automation, the new version of HighQ includes more than 100 new features or enhancements to help users increase productivity and work better virtually.

To find out more about how document automation and other key features of Thomson Reuters HighQ can enhance a law firm or legal team’s work, click here.

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