In today’s legal market, clients are working with slimmer budgets and have a keener desire to allocate their limited funds prudently. That means messages about uniquely tailored service, cost efficiency and an informed, reasonable preparedness for the outcome of a given matter hold more appeal.

In order to be the provider of legal services that clients want to work with, law firms must have the proper instruments. On top of the ability to execute legal tasks fluidly and precisely, practicing law now demands a more expansive understanding of clients and the pressures they face. That cannot be achieved without a strategic use of the right tools.

Accordingly, Thomson Reuters has created Solutions, practice-specific suites of products customized to help attorneys perform their work with increased effectiveness, efficiency and ease. The Solutions suites, which were formulated after careful and lengthy consultations with practicing attorneys, are:

  • Corporate Practice Solution: This combination was built to help attorneys create airtight documents and process transactions smoothly and promptly.
  • Current Awareness Solution: Keeping up-to-date requires more than a Google News alert. To help attorneys stay abreast of important developments, Thomson Reuters has assembled an arsenal of information well-informed lawyers cannot do without. These tools are orchestrated by dedicated teams of attorneys and editors; they curate and package the day’s important news and present it in ways that are helpful for you and your clients.
  • Litigation Solution: Litigators need a well-rounded and versatile toolkit. To that end, this solution has been assembled to make sure lawyers are properly equipped each and every time they step into a courtroom.
  • Investigative Solution: Attorneys who need to quickly come to a thorough understanding of adverse parties, potential clients and other people or institutions will find this solution indispensable.

In sum, these product packages are Thomson Reuters’ response to the demands the contemporary legal industry places on attorneys. Achieving the right blend of market intelligence, client service and legal finesse is a daunting task, but with Solutions, a modern and properly equipped lawyer is ready to take on that challenge.

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