History is rooted in the legal system. And many feel courts are not embracing technology to improve their process, performance and efficiency. Thomson Reuters Court Management Solutions enables courts to update their systems and implement new workflow technology.


The Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco recently chose Thomson Reuters to provide the case management solution for all their case types. C-Track CMS, selected for its technology, flexibility and its capability to integrate seamlessly with external judicial partners, will be implemented for all courts and case types, assisting the court in its goal to modernize its systems and become paperless.


In addition, Thomson Reuters Court Management Solutions is completing the installation of a comprehensive system which includes e-filing for the state of Wyoming, as well as the Supreme Court, district courts and circuit courts. This marks the first state that will have interconnected trial and appellate court systems for all levels of state courts from a single legal solutions provider.


“The C-Track product suite is designed to improve court operations and legal systems worldwide, adapting to the unique business rules and workflows of any size court,” said Manoj Jain, vice president, Court Management Solutions at Thomson Reuters.


Thomson Reuters Court Management Solutions, formerly LT Court Tech, has seen substantial growth since becoming part of Thomson Reuters. In January 2013, C-Track was chosen as a preferred vendor for the California Superior Courts. And earlier this year, C-Track was selected by the UK Royal Courts of Justice, and the Supreme Court and appellate courts of Illinois as their case management and e-filing solution.


Steve Rubley, managing director of the Government segment at Thomson Reuters, noted that C-Track CMS is an innovative solution that builds upon Thomson Reuters deep industry expertise and integration capabilities. “Thomson Reuters has been an integral part of the U.S. legal system for more than 100 years, and for even longer in the UK. We integrate our knowledge of the law and deep understanding of our customers into the solutions we provide. C-Track CMS seamlessly integrates with our market-leading products and solutions, as well as with external agencies, to create a fully modern solution for courts.”

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