Thomson Reuters and have entered into an agreement to deliver a full-service contract automation solution for corporations and law firms. will be offered as a fully-integrated extension of Contract Express and enable customers to send generated documents to recipients and counterparties via the online contracting platform. is an emerging provider of contract automation solutions, empowering customers to send, negotiate and sign high volumes of legal documents using automation.

Through this agreement, Contract Express customers can take advantage of key features, including:

  • real-time visibility on the progress of documents after they’ve been sent
  • a simplified negotiation experience for non-lawyers supported by negotiation playbooks
  • structured data around contracting workflow, including where and how to reduce time to signature

“Our customers are constantly looking for ways to standardize and streamline the steps after documents have been generated and sent to counterparties. Best practice, consistent work product, and efficiency gains made through automation can simply stop at the negotiation stage, and this is why we find the platform so compelling,” said Chris Boulter, director of Contract Express at Thomson Reuters.

The collaboration with has seen a small team working together over several months to create a fully-integrated extension for Contract Express that is now available to our customers and will continue to improve based on customer feedback.

“A thoughtful collaboration process based on incrementalism, human-centered design and empowered decision-making can help synergize different operating structures – much like the lock system in the Panama Canal does between two oceans,” said Carlos Gamez, senior director of Legal Innovation with Thomson Reuters.

Thanks to the co-innovation process, Thomson Reuters and are also aligned on a single, shared vision: to empower users to generate, send, negotiate and sign high volumes of legal documents quickly and effectively by leveraging automation.


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