This week, CityPages featured an in-depth look at the Lake Street neighborhood in Minneapolis, among the areas hardest hit by the civil unrest following the tragic death of George Floyd. CityPages reporter Susan Du explored the history of the diverse neighborhood – with its reputation as “an incubator of immigrant dreams” – as well as rebuilding efforts under way there.

Sharon Sayles Belton, vice president of Partnerships and Alliances at Thomson Reuters, was among those CityPages interviewed for perspective on what’s happening along Lake Street. Her involvement with the neighborhood includes her experience as the mayor of Minneapolis from 1994 to 2002 and an earlier role serving on the Minneapolis City Council. CityPages noted: “Former mayor Sharon Sayles Belton watched decades of transformation shaken in a single week.”

Sayles Belton now champions Lake Street in her role at Thomson Reuters, which was among the local companies that committed to support rebuilding efforts in Minneapolis and St. Paul communities. In June, Thomson Reuters pledged a $1 million investment to help rebuild in North Minneapolis, the Lake Street area and the University Avenue corridor in St. Paul as well as doubled the volunteer hours for employees to support rebuilding efforts.

Part of the company’s support has included awarding grants to organizations working to end racism and social injustices in these three neighborhoods. Sayles Belton has helped lead the Thomson Reuters team responsible for reviewing applications and administering the funds.

To date, Thomson Reuters has awarded grants totaling $925,000 to 17 organizations in the following focus areas:

“These organizations are on the ground doing significant work with those affected by racial and social injustices,” Sayles Belton said. “There’s still much to be done, but their collective efforts are making an impact, and Thomson Reuters is honored to support their important work. We are grateful for their leadership because they know how hard it has been to move forward, but they are committed to rebuilding our communities and coming back even stronger.”

For more on how Thomson Reuters is serving local communities, click here.

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