Thomson Reuters is sharing its expanded vision for CoCounsel, its generative AI (GenAI) assistant. The CoCounsel expansion will unify the customer experience and give customers a new way to access Thomson Reuters product capabilities with applications across legal, tax, risk & fraud, and media segments.

CoCounsel can handle complex tasks with natural language understanding, providing high-quality information at the right time, maintaining multiple threads of work, and keeping context and memory across the different tasks and products customers use each day. By augmenting professional work with GenAI skills, CoCounsel delivers accelerated and streamlined workflows, enabling professionals to produce higher-quality work more quickly, while keeping customer data secure.

GenAI is already integrated into Westlaw Precision and Practical Law. Over time, CoCounsel will link Thomson Reuters products across its entire portfolio, meaning customers can bring together multiple skills and workflows from different products into one place to enhance user experience and value.

In addition, CoCounsel will integrate with third parties, including Microsoft 365. CoCounsel will connect professionals with the tools they use daily, starting with Microsoft 365, with additional applications for Teams, Word, Outlook, and SharePoint to accelerate research, drafting and review.

Thomson Reuters is using its GenAI Platform to create even more GenAI skills, which will be introduced in products across every business segment it serves under the CoCounsel brand.

Check out this video and read the press release for more on how Thomson Reuters is expanding CoCounsel.

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