Worrying about how quickly a website may load on your smartphone can be a nuisance when you’re just looking to occupy your time waiting for a table at a restaurant or for that friend who thinks running late is cardio. But for people looking to find legal assistance on their mobile device in the midst of a crisis, the stakes are a bit higher.

And with as much as 50 percent of web traffic coming from people on mobile devices, law firms must take notice when it comes to having a functional mobile website.

This is the key topic of the latest FindLaw white paper, Seconds Matter: The Real-World Risks of a Slow Mobile Website.

For most small law firms, a detail as technical as download speed is easy to ignore, often for lack of technological know-how and an inability to take meaningful actions themselves. But attorneys who do not invest in both time and resources to optimize their website’s download speed may wind up paying a heavy price with potential clients and digital gatekeepers alike. In the report, you’ll also learn tips for measuring your site’s speed, how to boost it and how to keep your firm’s mobile presence performing.

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