Trademark registrations have been available and searchable via text on Westlaw for years, but many registrations include logos, images and additional symbols. The new Trademark Image Search in Westlaw Edge enables users to upload an image and search visually similar images, addressing the challenge of text-based searching when visual similarity is key. With this intellectual property enhancement, the image now becomes the search term.

Developed in collaboration with the Thomson Reuters Labs, the Trademark Image Search allows users to drag-and-drop images or browse files to search across jurisdictions, delivering results that include trademark documents with visually similar images. Additionally, the search provides results for the uploaded image plus two variants, as visual similarity is a subjective standard; each of the three versions focuses on different elements of the image.

The variations in the image search results include:

The ability to monitor trademark assets also has been improved through Trademark Image Alerts, adding another layer to track new trademark registrations and quickly identify when another entity is seeking protection for a visually similar mark.

In addition to searching existing trademarked images, the Trademark Image Search function lets a user see what similar images may already be registered in the market before investing resources into a new or alternative design. Images are delivered in the search results to help identify documents relevant to the search. The new search also helps users get up to speed on the history of U.S. federal trademark applications and track information or documents included in an application.

Westlaw Edge delivers a comprehensive collection of primary and secondary law resources designed specifically to help IP attorneys practice with confidence, with access to everything from a single page. With these latest enhancements, along with the broad resources available, users can simplify their research experience by using an image instead of text only, easily identifying drawings within a document and staying on top of prosecution data.

Learn more about Trademark Image Search on Westlaw Edge here.

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