Our daily lives are impacted by technology in almost every way. And that technology is driving dramatic changes throughout the world of law enforcement.

The Fraud Prevention and Investigation unit of Thomson Reuters has released a white paper that explores how CLEAR®, when combined with proven community policing methods, is revolutionizing how law enforcement fights criminal activity.

The resource takes a closer look at how law enforcement agencies employ technology to forecast crime and includes perspectives from a major city police department inspector, a technology expert and a former FBI agent.

“The good news is that technology is making it safer for police investigators, it’s making it more cost-efficient for police departments, and most importantly, we’re able to get to the criminals faster,” said Daniel DeSimone, senior director of Investigative Resources for Thomson Reuters. DeSimone, who served with the FBI for more than 20 years, also contributed to the white paper.

CLEAR is a powerful, next generation investigative suite designed for law enforcement, government agencies, financial institutions, and corporate security organizations that need intelligent information about people and companies.

To download the free white paper, visit: clear.thomsonreuters.com.

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