I’ve always loved reading and making lists – to-do lists, best-of lists, grocery lists. I’ve also been a follower of the latest trends for as long as I can remember. Local breweries? Don’t mind of I do. Fingerless gloves? Sure, why not. Food truck delicacies? Delicious. Well, entrepreneur.com recently featured an article called “100 Things You Should Be Talking About in 2014,” which combined my love of lists and trends into one comprehensive piece. The article talks about trending subjects for 2014, such as e-cigarette regulation, needle-free vaccines and sports mashups. These 100 “it” topics were compiled by New York City-based advertising agency JWT. My favorites include Chinese wines (who knew?), ugly produce (say what?) and hashtag fatigue (couldn’t agree more).

Let us know what you think! What do you see as the upcoming trends for 2014, whether they are on this list of not? Take this brief three-question survey and we’ll report on the results later this month.

Note to JWT: Aerial yoga is so 2012.

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