Since last summer, the legal department of Subway restaurants has come a long way from their old litigation database and invoice approval system. In just a year after adopting Thomson Reuters Serengeti Tracker, the successful implementation earned them the Connecticut Law Tribune’s Legal Departments of the Year award for Best Use of Technology.

It started with a bare-bones litigation database and an old paper-based manual invoice approval system.

“Our initial central litigation database was a very rudimentary system keeping track of limited key case data,” General Counsel Len Axelrod told the Connecticut Law Tribune. “During the last 10 to 12 years, our attorneys and staff have utilized [Microsoft] Excel or Word charts to track and manage their cases, but there were still obvious limitations.”

John P. Pfannenbecker, the managing attorney in the Finances and Investments department, took charge of the search for a new system to track and manage legal matters for Franchise World Headquarters, the support company for the Subway, Taco Del Mar and Mama Deluca’s Pizza brands. After testing Thomson Reuters Serengeti Tracker, Pfannenbecker was sold and convinced Franchise World Headquarters to purchase the system.

The legal department is now “capturing more case data than ever before” and has reduced its outside legal spend by 25 percent over the past 12 months, enough savings to pay for the cost of implementing the system, Pfannenbecker said.

To read more about Subway restaurants’ award-winning implementation of Serengeti Tracker, visit the Connecticut Law Tribune by clicking here.


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