The Minneapolis-St. Paul campus of Thomson Reuters is honored to support the nonprofit 360 Communities, which delivers safety and stability to improve lives in Minnesota’s Dakota County. The nonprofit includes a network of food shelves, domestic violence shelters, resource centers, and programs that support children from birth through high school graduation.

Employees from the Minneapolis-St. Paul chapter of Thomson Reuters Early Careers Network recently volunteered to provide 360 Communities with blankets and hygiene kits.

“360 Communities could not be where it is today without its community partners, and having Thomson Reuters partner with us is what strengthens those community ties,” said Terence Kwok Choon, volunteer and events coordinator, 360 Communities. “Seeing the Thomson Reuters volunteers engage in an event knowing that what they are doing is making an impact in the lives of people in their community is amazing! Compassion, care and energy is what we saw and felt from the Thomson Reuters volunteers. Putting together hygiene kits and tie blankets and donating them to 360 Communities shows a sense of giving and highlights the right direction that we are heading. Thank you, Thomson Reuters, for your support and care!”

He coordinated the volunteer event with Kaydee Miller, chair of the Minneapolis-St. Paul chapter of the Thomson Reuters Early Careers Network. She was inspired to support 360 Communities after attending its gala event in 2021 and learning about the nonprofit’s impact in Dakota County.

“The best part about this tie blanket and hygiene kit opportunity was seeing how much fun all of the Thomson Reuters employees had working together to make a difference,” Miller said. “Terence gave a presentation at the beginning of our session explaining where the supplies would go that we created and how they would help the community. I could tell that this really resonated with the employees who were there.”

Thomson Reuters employees received paid time-off for their service through the company’s community giving and employee volunteer program, which provides employees with two paid volunteer days each year.

“It’s so easy for those of us who have a roof over our heads and food on our table to forgot about those who don’t,” Miller said. “I was incredibly moved by the positive impact 360 Communities strives to have on those who have had the floor fall out from under them. By sheltering those who are experiencing domestic violence or have nowhere to stay, 360 communities is improving the health and wellbeing of the community. Since this nonprofit is often helping younger people such as those who are my age – 20s – it seemed like a great idea to have the Early Careers Network partner with them to further positively impact young adults in the community.”

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Photo credit: @adamgruenewald

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