Serengeti Law has updated Serengeti Tracker with a new user interface. As the legal profession’s most widely used and highest rated e-billing and matter management platform, Tracker’s new interface was designed to improve the user’s workflow and navigation, while making the service more readable and visually appealing.

“With this enhancement to the user interface, we are continuing to help clients be more efficient in their workflow, deliver a product that offers them ease of use and provides them with the information they need the right way,” said Jeff Hodge, general manager for Serengeti and Legal Department Management at Thomson Reuters.

Tracker sign-on page
Tracker dashboard

Now, the matter profile page is enhanced with improved tabular navigation and action items pertaining to matters. Tracker also made the rate and performance comparison charts and data easier to navigate and analyze with multiple graphic displays and analytics to help clients better manage their budgets and control legal spend.

Tracker matter profile
Tracker analytics

According to Hodge, clients will now see a clean and simple sign-on page which will take them to their upgraded dashboard. That dashboard offers improved access to information on matters through optimized tabs, time entry and more.

To read the full announcement, click here. For additional information on Serengeti and Serengeti Tracker, visit

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