Serengeti Law, part of Thomson Reuters and provider of Serengeti TrackerTM – the legal profession’s most widely used and highest rated e-billing and matter management platform – announced the creation of two customer-focused programs to extend and enhance current support and service offerings: Serengeti Professional Services and the Serengeti Services & Solutions Partner Program.

Serengeti Professional Services bring increased visibility, efficiency and cost savings to the legal department. Serengeti’s team of seasoned attorneys and advisors offer additional services when extra resources are needed and enhance the experience of using Serengeti Tracker to its full potential. Resources, skills and unique program knowledge empower and enhance legal departments with a set of tools, best practices and templates to assist in improving operations.

Continuing its efforts to help legal departments perform at their highest level, Serengeti developed the Serengeti Services & Solutions Partner Program to broaden its reach while offering expanded resources through unique relationships. Mosaic Consulting is the first organization to join the program and will help deepen and strengthen Serengeti’s services and support capabilities through its consulting expertise.

To learn more about each of the programs, click here.

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