This post was written by Rick King.

Last spring, I was asked to join the Minnesota Science & Technology Advisory Commission – a collaborative group of leaders from industry, the investment community and higher education working with the Minnesota Science & Technology Authority to advance the growth and competitiveness of the state’s high-value science and technology industries.

The issues addressed in our work are important to me, and I am enjoying the experience of working with other technology and business leaders. Serving on this Commission has been a good complement to my work as the Chief Technology Officer for the Professional division of Thomson Reuters.

Over the last six months, the Commission worked to develop a strategic plan for helping Minnesota create up to 45,000 high-paying science and technology jobs, and another 100,000 indirect jobs, all in the next 10 years. The report was released yesterday.

Check out this video interview I participated in with our Minnesota Fox affiliate.

You can read the full report, along with an executive summary, on the Minnesota Science & Technology Authority website.

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