How do emerging technologies drive innovation? In a series of webcasts, Bob Evans, senior vice president of Oracle, talks to global business leaders to find out how technology helps them innovate. The latest features Rick King, COO, Technology at Thomson Reuters, along with Riva Richmond, editor of the Economist Intelligence Unit.

In the second half of the webcast, King talks about how Thomson Reuters uses analytics and big data to deliver new kinds of information to its subscribers. In our increasingly fast-paced world where people want things quickly, Thomson Reuters is looking at ways to engineer technology to deliver in a timely manner. He also discusses social media, cloud computing, innovation and next steps for Thomson Reuters.

“To slow down the pace of innovation and the pace of change and the challenge of all these things will be the death of the organization,” said King. “We have to not only maintain it, but most of the time (we) have to accelerate because there are new competitors, standard competitors and …competitors that (we) don’t even know today that are coming at us from all different angles.”

To watch the full webcast, click here. Registration is required for viewing.

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