Rick KingIn recent years, Thomson Reuters has been busy transforming its infrastructure, creating a flexible private and public cloud foundation on which new products and technologies can be conceived and implemented. With 16 petabytes of information stored worldwide, the company’s requirement to sift through more information in less time and deliver better results was a tall order. Storage has been foundational to the change. A big part of the upgrade involved changing the storage in the back end so we could change the whole dynamic of search. The NetApp shared storage infrastructure made it economically feasible to increase the processing power applied to each search. As a result, we were able to save roughly $65 million by eliminating the need to build another two megawatt data center.

Rick King, executive vice president and COO for Technology at Thomson Reuters, was recently featured in a special edition of CIO Review magazine, focusing exclusively on NetApp shared storage. In the article, King discusses Thomson Reuters history with NetApp, and how it fits into our current infrastructure. Read the full article here.


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