Ken Bassham, director of sales for ProLaw, walked through some of the new capabilities offered in ProLaw XII and why users should look to upgrade at this year’s ProLaw User Conference.

The three main features discussed were: comprehensive reporting functionality, enhanced Outlook integration and how the system was built entirely on the .NET platform.

Through the enhanced reporting functionality, new capabilities for users include:

  • – Real-time reporting capabilities offering deeper insight into key performance and profitability indicators;
  • – Enhanced reporting of more relevant case, client and financial information;
  • – Customizable reports;
  • – Colorful charts and graphs in interactive reports; and
  • – Ability to drill down for report details while maintaining big picture analysis.

The enhanced Outlook integration offers users the following:

  • – Ability to access ProLaw directly from Outlook and view ProLaw matter information;
  • – Capability to save emails and attachments to ProLaw – with one click; and
  • – Ability to capture time automatically from within key desktop applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel and Adobe, as well as from within ProLaw.

With ProLaw XII built entirely on .NET, the system:

  • – Is optimized to work with Microsoft technologies such as Outlook, Word and Excel;
  • – Allows integration with the Microsoft SQL platform and Report Builder to utilize the full power of reporting tools in SQL Server and SQL Reporting Services; and
  • – Facilitates streamlined reporting and report editing.

In addition to these capabilities, Ken also discussed ProLaw’s new support of alternative fee arrangements (AFAs). Users will be able to set up flat-fee billing structures for an entire matter, or specific activities in a matter, where users can capture time. In addition, ProLaw can analyze profitability to help firms gain control and insight into AFA matters and the impact to their business.

To learn more about upgrading to ProLaw XII, visit or contact your ProLaw representative.

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