This article was written by Katherine Sagona-Stophel, government analyst at Thomson Reuters, and originally appeared on the Knowledge Effect blog.

We live in an information age, and protecting your computer’s information is just as important as protecting your social security number. This doesn’t just mean smart password creation; it also means other precautions you may not be aware of. A script flaw or your inadvertent release of data to applications on your phone may provide extra personal information you may not even realize you’re releasing. This could potentially lead to fraudsters stealing your information without your knowledge.

I’ve been asked a lot by peers for suggestions on applications and programs that I personally use and recommend to protect your information from unwanted third parties. These recommendations are my own, and do not represent Thomson Reuters at large. This blog post is a result of many others asking me for privacy advice. If you don’t find an app or program you would recommend, don’t hesitate to comment below. Read more on the Investigative Insights page on the Knowledge Effect blog.

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