The ProLaw User Conference is underway. The event is specifically geared to ProLaw clients and provides information on best practices, product training and networking opportunities.

Ninety-four percent client satisfaction and 95 percent client retention are two numbers that Brian Colbeck, vice president Mid-Market, and his ProLaw team are proud of. But as they assured conference attendees, they don’t plan to stop there.

As Brian stated in his opening remarks, a law firm is a business and the best indicator of business success is profitability. ProLaw’s goal is to give firms the tools to manage the data to help increase their profitability and with five new releases in the past year, including ProLaw XII, they are doing that in more ways than ever before.

Centralized client records, time assist tools to identify missing time as well as accurate timekeeping functionality are just a few of the ways that ProLaw is helping law firms run their business more efficiently. Now, with ProLaw XII, time tracking and customized reporting has become that much easier.

One firm commented that “the hours we save generating and printing reports alone was worth the investment in ProLaw XII.”

So what’s next for ProLaw? User conference attendees were in for a treat when Elisabet Hardy, vice president, Elite, announced that she would give a live demo of the much anticipated mobile app for ProLaw XII, set to launch in early 2013.

Other enhancements include the recent integration with eBillingHub as well as an upcoming integration with Westlaw Case Notebook in Q1 2013.

Overall it was a very engaging session that clearly showed how the business is listening and responding to customer feedback with new product enhancements, options for mobility and greater product integration with other Thomson Reuters platforms. More to come!

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