The Product
Introduced in March, Practitioner Insights by Thomson Reuters brings current awareness information to the WestlawNext platform. But did you know that each page of Practitioner Insights is managed by a dedicated team of experienced attorney editors? These managing editors provide exclusive, up-to-date information from the most credible sources of industry analysis, including Westlaw Daily Briefings, Westlaw Journals, Reuters Legal, Reuters newswire, Congressional Quarterly and CCH. This information is specialized for the user’s specific practice area and includes “breaking business news, insight and analysis from industry experts, and the most comprehensive collection of litigation materials and primary legal content,” according to Allison Guidette, managing director of large law at Thomson Reuters.

The Team
To help legal professionals stay ahead of increasing competition in the market, managing editors in each practice area work hard to locate and identify the most relevant legal developments and update the information as often as needed. Managing editors for Practitioner Insights are truly integrated into the information and solutions culture of Thomson Reuters. Beyond ensuring that the most comprehensive breaking news and analysis are provided in Practitioner Insights, they are also responsible for compiling and editing original content for Westlaw Daily Briefings. They also search for article ideas and assign stories to a team of in-house writers, then edit those articles for accuracy, clarity and style. Finally, the managing editors identify the latest breaking legal filings to fill the content on the Featured Legal Filings section of WestlawNext.

Kevin McVeigh, web manager of News Publishing for Thomson Reuters, hires the managing editors who work on Practitioner Insights. He likes to find attorneys with either practice experience, legal journalism experience, or both. Most importantly, however, they must be able to convey complicated legal concepts in clear and concise language, according to McVeigh. This allows his team to provide succinct, important current awareness information to the WestlawNext platform.

McVeigh believes that what most distinguishes Practitioner Insights from the pack “is that we are fully integrated with the world’s most advanced legal research platform – WestlawNext.” He also identifies Practitioner Insights as an important solutions tool; legal practitioners, he says, now have the latest information and analysis up front on their research platform before they might have even known the information was out there.

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