Podcast: Sustainability and corporate collaboration

Wednesday 11th Feb 2015

Sustainability is an increasing priority for many companies, and incorporating more sustainable practices is encouraging collaboration across various industries to arrive at better, more cost-effective solutions. Tim Nixon, managing editor of sustainability at Thomson Reuters, talked with sustainability leaders at the world’s largest household and personal products company (Proctor & Gamble) and the nation’s second-largest car manufacturer ...

Podcast: Ed Sohn on e-discovery insourcing vs outsourcing

Thursday 5th Feb 2015

A panel discussion at LegalTech New York 2015 focused on the key issues attorneys, paralegals and litigation support staff should consider when deciding whether to insource or outsource e-discovery. While they may seem elementary, time, cost and complexity continue to be some of the greatest challenges e-discovery practitioners face today. The panel discussed some of ...

Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection – Legal Challenges in the Digital Age

Tuesday 3rd Feb 2015

LegalTech New York 2015 kicked off today with a panel on “Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection Legal Challenges in the Digital Age.” Erin Harrison, the incoming editor-in-chief of ALM’s Legaltech News, moderated a panel of privacy and security experts from some of the most visible companies out there: Eran Feigenbaum, director of security, Google Apps, Google ...

Introducing Wait, What? A new Thomson Reuters podcast

Thursday 29th Jan 2015

The legal business of Thomson Reuters is excited to launch a new twice monthly podcast. Wait, What? takes an irreverent look at technology and its impact on our lives. The podcast is hosted by Matt Angelicola, government research analyst; Rob Russell, senior director in the Government segment; and Jason Thomas, manager of innovation also in the Government segment at Thomson ...

Podcast: European patent reform

Wednesday 21st Jan 2015

The IP market has traditionally centered on the United States. It remains a key jurisdiction, but change is in the air. With the forthcoming unitary patent system, the European Union may be about to become the epicenter of global patent litigation. The new court will mark a seismic shift in global patent litigation. Assuming all ...

Patsy Doerr and Dave Curran reveal what could be your smartest career move in 2015

Monday 5th Jan 2015

Thomson Reuters Patsy Doerr, global head of Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion, and Dave Curran, global director of Risk & Compliance, were in Philadelphia a few weeks ago and stopped by WWDB AM 860 radio to record an interview for Sue Rocco’s Women to Watch show. Their interview is airing on WWDB AM 860 today, Monday, ...

Podcast: The Equality Effect & justice for young girls in Africa

Thursday 11th Dec 2014

The Equality Effect is a non-profit charity that uses international human rights law as a crowbar to pry open justice for women and girls around the world. Drawing on a team of feisty international lawyers, the equality effect supports its regional legal partners by initiating creative legal advocacy projects to achieve systemic change. In Kenya, ...

Podcast: America Invents Act, three years later

Friday 14th Nov 2014

The America Invents Act marked the most significant change in US patent law in the last 50 years. The historic provisions have impacted patent filings and patent litigation, as well as non-practicing entities or “patent trolls” as they are commonly known. Bernie Knight was general counsel for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office when the ...

Podcast: Justice Randy Holland on the significance of Magna Carta

Friday 7th Nov 2014

In the podcast linked below, Justice Randy Holland of the Delaware Supreme Court, and editor of Magna Carta: Muse and Mentor, discusses the significance of Magna Carta as it marks its 800th anniversary, and the new Muse and Mentor book available in print and in e-book form, from Thomson Reuters.

October podcast: Egg-freezing, FantasySCOTUS and aggressive mopping

Friday 31st Oct 2014

In this month’s Legal Current podcast, we cover: -Legal news: Apple, Facebook’s egg-freezing benefit: Three questions for employers. -Legal trends & insights: Dropbox wasn’t “hacked,” but should you worry anyway? -News from Thomson Reuters: FantasySCOTUS launches sixth season, sponsored by Thomson Reuters -On the legal blogs: “Aggressive mopper” arrested; made hotel worker cry You can ...

Podcast: Making sure your website is mobile and local optimized

Friday 24th Oct 2014

Are you missing one-third of your potential clients? As people increasingly look for attorneys using mobile and local search, it’s more important than ever to make sure your firm’s website is optimized for those types of searches. A new white paper from FindLaw explains the importance of making sure that prospective clients can find you ...

September podcast: DMV makeup, negligent driving and boredom fires

Tuesday 30th Sep 2014

In this month’s Legal Current podcast, we cover: -Legal news: A South Carolina boy and his mother are suing the state’s DMV over his right to wear his “everyday” makeup in his driver’s license photo. -Legal trends & insights: A woman in North Dakota is facing negligent homicide charges after allegedly surfing Facebook while driving at ...

Podcast: Big Data in law firms – opportunities and risks

Tuesday 19th Aug 2014

Harnessing Big Data could be a key for firms seeking to gain competitive advantages and boost their business development efforts. In the podcast below, Catherine Monte, chief knowledge officer of Fox Rothschild, and Kimberly Stein, national manager for Enterprise Content Management Solutions at Thomson Reuters, discuss their recently published white paper, produced by ILTA, that ...