In this month’s episode, we wrap up the old and kick off the new. The interview segment brings to a close our three-part series with author John Browning on the impact that social media is having on the law. This time we focus on the ethical implications of social media and whether or not the traditional rules have changed.

We also bring you a brand-new segment called “In the News,” where we feature a recent legal news headline fromThomson Reuters News & Insight. This month’s story explores the new place that tax-evading Americans are stashing their money as a result of the recent crackdown in Switzerland.

We’ve got those segments, plus our regular features, including “On the Blawgs” which features a post by Ernie the Attorney on how your email domain could negatively impact the way your law firm is perceived. Lastly, in “Chaos in the Courts” we take a look at a bizarre story about a man who was on the wanted list for 37 years because of an unpaid traffic ticket.

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Show notes for May 2011:

0:00-0:50 Open
1:00-2:40 “Chaos in the Court” with FindLaw’s Legally Weird Blog
2:50-3:55 “On the Blawgs” featuring a post from Ernie the Attorney
4:00-10:15 Interview/John Browning: Ethical implications of social media
10:25-11:40 “In the News” with Thomson Reuters News & Insight
11:50-12:10 Closing comments

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