This latest episode of the Legal Current podcast is all about social media. We begin by following up on a question posed by the ABA Journal at the beginning of this year about whether or not social media lives up to all of the hype. To explore this topic we talked with Dan Harris, author of The China Law Blog, about the business benefits of blogging.

Also in the episode we bring you part two of our discussion with author John Browning (The Lawyer’s Guide to Social Networking) on the impact social media is having on the legal profession. This time we focus on the effect that social media has had on jury selection and juror conduct.

We’ve got those interviews, plus our regular segments including “Chaos in the Court,” where we explore a case where a dispute over Facebook content led to domestic violence.

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Show notes for Feb. 25, 2011:

0:00-0:55 Open
1:45-6:50 Interview/Dan Harris: Business benefits of blogging
7:05-8:40 “On the Blawgs
8:40-9:25 “Chaos in the Court
9:25-16:20 Interview/John Browning: Social media and jurors
16:20-17:05 “Headnote History
17:05-18:00 Closing

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